We are committed to excellence and have demonstrated our capabilities with the excavation and extraction of minerals in the Nampala open pit project, as well as the construction phase of the mine. We have recently completed the construction phase of the new Komana gold mining site as well.

A few of our major projects are described below:

The Nampala SA

The Nampala Gold Project

2013 – 2021

The Nampala project is located approximately 80 km North of the city of Sikasso and 21 km south of the village of Niéna, which is accessible via the Nampala access road.

IMS is the main subcontractor of the Nampala mine since 2013. Our work includes mining and excavation, mineral transportation, earth movement, and mineral stock management.

The NAMPALA mine is a simple concentrator, entirely geared towards process performance. In a very unique way, it strikes a perfect balance between industrial efficiency and operating cost optimization, without compromising on operational safety.

During its second year of production, the plant processed very low-grade saprolite (0.8 g/t) and achieved a record 1,796,000 tonnes, which allowed recovering 44,946 ounces of gold for a cost per ounce of $643/once.


The Yanfolila gold mine, located in southern Mali is a high-quality, low-cost open pit mining operation that produced its first gold in December 2017. The mine is located in Yanfolila Circle near the Guinean border.

Hummingbird resources currently has two core gold projects, the Yanfolila Gold Mine in Mali, and the Kouroussa Gold Project in Guinea. Inter-Mining Services in its strategic partnership with SMK successfully completed the construction and raise for TSF phase II, phase III, and phase IV along with many other infrastructures related project.


Construction Project for Djenné
Threshold Bridge Dam

2017 – 2019

In May 2009, the African Development Bank approved funding for an irrigation dam/weir to be built on the Bani near Soala, a village within the commune situated 12 km south of Djenné.

The dam is one element in a 6-year 33.6   billion   CFA   franc   (66   million   USD)  program that also includes the building of a dam on the near Kourouba and the extension of the area irrigated by the Talo dam.

It will allow the “controlled flooding” of 14,000 ha of the Pondori floodplain (on the left bank of the river to the south of Djenné) to allow thecultivation of rice and the irrigation of an  additional 5000 ha for growing ‘floating grass’ for animal feed. It is a dam-bridge of vital importance for the populations of the city of Djenné.

Once completed, the dam-bridge will facilitate river crossing and the irrigation of more than 20,000 ha of agricultural land. As the main subcontractor for this project, IMS built the cofferdam for the diversion of the rivers flow with more than 100,000 cubic meters of excavated and carried laterite, and the pouring of more than 100,000 cubic meters of concrete, within the contracted timeframe. We carried out this project with rigor and dynamism while preserving the eco system in the immediate riverbank.

Even though we had to deviate the river flow, we made sure the local fishermen and their livelihood activities were not disturbed by our actions, to the great satisfaction of our partner and local communities.



The B2GOLD Fekola Mine plant is located in southwest Mali, on the border between Mali and Senegal, approximately 500 km due west of the capital city, Bamako.

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